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Signature Facial Treatments

Pick Me Up Facial30min / $95

Pick Me Up Facial is perfect for when you only have little “Me Time,” but still looking for some TLC.
Combination of thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation clarifies your skin and personalised treatment mask will leave your skin looking and feeling bright, light and fresh. Mini yet effective treatment and Velour skin specialist's heavenly touch will make you feel "as good as new".
Suitable for all skin types.

Remedy Rescue Facial60min / $145

Remedy Rescue Facial is customised to treat all skin types targeting your skin concern efficiently.
Advanced skincare technology with the expertise of highly trained Velour skincare specialist creates the most effective and satisfying treatment. It deeply cleanses, hydrates, restores, revitalise and soothes your skin.
Your skin will feel significantly refreshed, silky smooth and look absolutely glowing.

Rejuvenate Luminous Facial 70 min / $170

This facial is perfect for all skin types including the most sensitive and especially dry, dehydrated and matured or premature ageing skin.
Our therapeutic facial intensively hydrates your skin to the deep layer and the power packed mask with plant extracts and collagen soothes sensitivity, encourages cell renewal and revitalises your skin ultimately. This luxurious, yet clinical facial, dramatically rejuvenates your skin with youthful luminosity than ever.

Specialised Facial Treatments

Smoothing & Resurfacing Peel40min / $135

Velour's skin care specialist consults your skin carefully and customises the best treatment for your skin condition.
Therefore this treatment is compatible for all skin types and concerns. Industry leading skincare technology reduces the appearance of ageing, pigmentation, congestion, rough texture, acne, breakouts, dehydration, lines and wrinkles, lack of firmness and radiance. It dramatically clarifies your skin, refines skin surface, boost collagen production, hydrates, and improves skin tone and texture.

All the peeling treatments are followed by a therapeutic soothing mask with collagen infusion which soothes your skin after the peeling treatment, encourages cell renewal, and deeply moisturises while plumping up your skin.

The combination of advanced peeling treatment and clinically proven mask technologies, will resurface your skin and bring it fresher, younger and clearer look.

PAYOT Detox Oxygenating Facial75 min / $180

This cutting edge treatment is perfect for all skin types including mature and premature ageing, stressed , congested , dull, uneven toned skin.
This detoxifying and anti-ageing treatment brings a clear, unified, and radiant complexion to your skin. Combination of electromagnetic micro-stimulation and naturally derived active ingredients deeply purifies, oxygenates, regenerates and tones your skin. Your skin will feel sensationally clarified, brightened, plumped, smoother and radiant.

PAYOT Hydra Collagen Facial75 min / $180

This is the ideal facial treatment for dry, dehydrated skin especially with premature and mature ageing.
It moisturises and plumps up the skin and prevent the signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles from appearing. The simultaneous action of naturally derived hyaluronic acid and collagen will give your skin an immediate burst of radiance. Your skin will feel soft, dewy and deeply moisturised.

Ultimate C Brightening Facial - Anti ageing, Brightening Firming70 min / $200

Ultimate C Brightening Facial is perfect to reduce the appearance of sun damage, lack of energy and mature, premature ageing.
This is a powerful brightening and antioxidant treatment with high concentration of Vitamin C. This treatment ultimately energises your skin with clinically proven advanced antioxidant products while renewing your skin texture. Highly concentrated Vitamin C deeply revitalises your skin and reinforces the skin cell wall, effectively smoothing expression lines. You will enjoy the immediate lifting effect on your skin with youthful glow.

Eye Zone Revitalising Treatment - Anti wrinkles, Brightening, Firming25 min / $60

Eye Zone Revitalising Treatment is a cutting edge treatment specialised on the eye area. It offers an ultra gentle yet effective solution to treat signs of ageing in that area through enhanced cell turnover and regeneration.

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