Eyelash Extension

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VELOUR Beauty Parlour delivers the delightful transformation to your face with Eyelash Extension. We only use high quality and safe products. At Velour Beauty Parlour, only Premium Faux Mink Lashes are used as they are lighter, softer and glossier. We can create a tasteful, stylish and natural feel eyelashes, without putting too much stress on your own lashes. Our expert therapists tailor your style to the shape of your eyes. Your eyes will be tasteful, but striking!

Note:Please make sure to come to your appointment without mascara or please remove the traces of remaining mascara thoroughly before your appointment to save your proper treatment time and help retention of eyelash extensions.

We only use Premium Faux Mink Lashes.


Flare sets (Outer corner of eyes) $95
Around 35-50 Lashes per eye are applied to to the outer corner of the eyes to create fine sweeping look.
Natural Sets (2/3 eyes) $120
Around 50-85 Lashes per eye are applied to around 2/3 of the eye. Your eyes will look luscious yet very natural.
Glamorous Sets (Totally Full) $165
Around 85-100 or more Lashes per eye are applied to create the fullest and glamorous look. Your eyes will be alluring and enhanced.


Provide the most stunning volume possible. The lashes are very flexible, ultra light weight and shinny. They create the maximum dazzling look you have been dreaming of, without putting too much stress on your natural lashes.

Elegant Volume Sets $255
Around 200-300 lashes per eye are applied. Combination of 3D volume lashes and classic faux mink lashes will create a striking and glamorous look, but still classy.
Dramatic Volume Sets $285
Around 300-400 3D lashes are applied to each eye for maximum impact. Definitely, giving you the stunning bombshell effect you are looking for!

Touch up

Classic sets Elegant Volume Sets Dramatic Volume Sets
Within 2 weeks $65 Within 2 weeks $125 within 2 weeks $155
Within 3 weeks $85 Within 3 weeks $130 Within 3 weeks $165
Within 4 weeks $110 Within 4 weeks $155 Within 4 weeks $180

Note: Upgrade from Classic Natural Set to Classic Glamorous Set with touch-up is plus $50 add onto each touch up price.