I moved to Tokyo, Japan as an expat many years ago and was missing my home comforts. After about 6months of searching and desperate for my beauty upkeep, I found Ai. I went to Ai monthly for facials and waxing, she was so knowledgeable about my skin. Due to climate change I found my skin was a lot dryer than it had been in Australia. Ai listened to my concerns and tailored my skin treatments to my needs. My skin had honestly never looked so amazing! She has educated me to keep my skin in great condition even in her absence. Not only is she absolutely amazing at her work she is also very warm, welcoming and personable. Being away from home she was such a breath of fresh air. I am so pleased to now have her in Australia where I know I am safe in her hands for all my Beauty needs.

Gabrielle Rolling

Gabrielle Rolling,
Training Manager

I have known Ai for about 4 years since being her client at the beauty salon in Tokyo. Ai always made me feel at ease (bikini waxing is never an enjoyable experience!) and takes pride in what she does. Coincidentally, both of us moved to Sydney. I have since been to her for waxing, facials and eyelash extensions and am always extremely happy with the results! Am excited that she is now opening her own salon. – I know it will be a great success!



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